Welcome to the landing page of the trio of friends and Fighting Fantasy fanatics known as The Demonic Three among the Fighting Fantasy fraternity.

James Hirons, Steven Leicester & Mark Lain


Mark Lain has read Fighting Fantasy books since the Christmas of 1982, the year of the first books release. He has written many amateur FF adventures and is busy working on his very own gamebook series Destiny's Role. He has also been reviewing the FF franchise meticulously for many years in deep detail at his website Malthus Dire's Fighting Fantasy Reviews. Malthus Dire being his FF alter ego of Balthus Dire of course. You may have also seen him on The Chase and 15 to 1, or as admin in the FF Facebook groups. To download Mark's Fan Fighting Fantasy adventures, click here.


James (Jam) Hirons has been a Fighting Fantasy fan since 1988 when he discovered the Sorcery Spell Book completely by chance. The whole story is covered on his blog Jamsplace.co along with other Fighting Fantasy morsels. He spends his time on Twitter helping promote new games and books, proof reading, play testing, reviewing, or on Facebook chatting to other people in the FF groups, sometimes under alter ego name Zharrajam Marr. He has also written the Literally Immersive Gamebooks series amateur FF adventures , click to play adventures  Lair Of The Lunatic or CELLBREAKER and maintains this site too.
Click here to buy The Druids Of Pneuma pdf


Steven Leicester is yet another 80s kid and FF fan and was dubbed Stegor (yes, another portmanteau... Steven and Zagor) at the first Fighting Fantasy Fest. Aside from enjoying good food and fine beverages, especially whiskies from around the world, he is also a keen miniature painter and some of his work has been showcased at the fests and in the Fighting Fantasy knowledge book You Are The Hero.




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